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Do memories and images from trauma put you on guard and keep you from engaging in everyday activities you enjoy? Your mind can replay the trauma over and over. Your mind tries to deceive you into thinking that you are to blame or no longer safe. Fear and paranoia that the trauma can happen again becomes a chronic struggle impacting your daily life and happiness.

These thoughts and feelings are common after traumatic experiences. If you are struggling after a traumatic event, you do not have to face these battles alone. With the right tools and strategies, you can overcome the struggle and take back power and control in your life. You can live your life free from excessive worry, panic and fear.

Experience Life Beyond Trauma
Take Back Control from Trauma

If trauma is controlling your life, Morris Therapy and Consulting will help you take back control. I specialize in helping individuals dealing with traumatic events including sexual or physical assault, childhood abuse, domestic violence, car accidents, combat trauma and community violence. I also specialize in helping physicians, nurses, first responders, and veterans cope with chronic exposure to traumatic events. Individual and group therapy sessions give a safe and supportive space to deal with trauma with compassion.

Benefits of Trauma Focused Therapy

There are numerous benefits of trauma focused therapy for individuals and their families. During therapy sessions, individuals will talk about their experiences in a safe and supportive environment and explore the impact of trauma on your thoughts and behaviors, as well as what to do with them.

Therapy can give tools and strategies to help re-establish feelings of safety, self-esteem, identify triggers and develop healthy coping skills. By engaging in trauma focused therapy, individuals will develop and practice the skills they learn to decrease stress and trauma symptoms. People will learn to regain control and build confidence in their ability to cope with the trauma.

I use frontline treatments for traumatic stress, including cognitive processing therapy, prolonged exposure therapy and written exposure therapy. These treatments have the most research support and I have witnessed firsthand the power that can come from taking your life back from trauma.

Experience Life Beyond Trauma

Traumatic stress that is left unmanaged can create significant challenges in many areas of your life. I am passionate about empowering individuals with the tools and strategies for healing from traumatic events. New clients are currently being accepted, with daytime, evening and weekend hours available for busy professionals. You can experience life beyond trauma by requesting a consultation appointment today.

Trauma Informed Care

Overcome Trauma with Morris Therapy and Consulting

Trauma can take over your life and keep you from enjoying the things you love. Morris Therapy and Consulting will help you take back your life. Request a consultation appointment today.

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