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Are you struggling to break free from anxiety, self-doubt or painful memories of the past? We often have narratives and stories that are replayed in our minds. These stories can feel like they define who we are and what we can do. If the stories are negative or limiting, they can stop us from living the life that we want and engaging in the relationships that we would like.

Morris Therapy and Consulting will give you the skills to help you break free from these limiting narratives. I am Dr. Jill Morris, an action-oriented Clinical Psychologist specializing in various forms of stress, anxiety, and trauma. During therapy sessions, my clients learn practical tools and strategies for decreasing anxiety and trauma.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment will help you learn new skills for identifying triggers and coping with stress so you can be more present in your life.

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Experience Life Beyond Trauma

Trauma Treatment

Take back your life from painful traumatic events with trauma treatment. Learn new ways to cope with and move forward from trauma.

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Benefits of Trauma Informed Therapy

Trainings & Consulting

Trauma informed care trainings and presentations to help employees learn how to cope with workplace stress and burnout.

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Dr. Jill Morris

I am an action-oriented Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Minnesota. While growing up, I was fascinated by people’s stories of remarkable strength during the most difficult times in their lives. This passion fueled me to start Morris Therapy and Consulting to help individuals to use their strength, find their voice, and take control of their lives.

I use a variety of therapy approaches during individual and group therapy sessions. These scientifically-backed approaches help individuals develop strategies to overcome anxious thoughts and traumatic memories.

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Anxiety and trauma therapist in MN

Trusted Anxiety and Trauma Psychologist in Minnesota

If anxiety, stress or trauma are standing in your way, Morris Therapy and Consulting will help. Your struggles are more common than you can imagine. I will work with you to create an individualized plan with meaningful and measurable goals to overcome your difficulties. You can experience the freedom and joy of being in the present moment and enjoying aspects of your life again.

One on One Therapy and Consulting


Virtual and in-person therapy sessions are available to help individuals understand and manage their thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Group Therapy in Minnesota


Virtual group sessions can help individuals learn new skills for managing stress and anxiety in a supportive environment.

Online Therapy Courses


Trainings and presentations for organizations to help improve employee wellbeing and manage stress in the workplace are available.

Benefits of Trauma Informed Therapy

Why Choose Morris Therapy and Consulting

Painful memories and stressors can prevent you from engaging in your life in a meaningful way. As an action-oriented Clinical Psychologist, I help adults get unstuck from unhelpful thoughts, fears and trauma that are preventing them from taking control of their lives. With research-based therapy techniques, individuals can better understand their experiences and move forward with their lives. When working with me, you will identify specific beliefs and behaviors holding you back from the results and relationships you want.

How Can I  Help You?

Hello, I’m Dr. Jill Morris. I provide the most research-based approaches for anxiety, trauma, and stress.
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“I have worked with Dr. Morris as her supervisor and can attest that she is one of the most thoughtful providers I have had the joy of supervising.  She takes care to let patients know she is truly present for them and sees each individual as unique and connects with them with ease and great compassion.  I have also had the distinct privilege to co-manage patients with her and she is a consummate professional!  I would rate her work outstanding!”

Dr. JoEllen Kozlowski
Become More Connected with Life Through Anxiety Treatment

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