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Do you find yourself hooked on feelings and thoughts that keep you from the goals you hope to reach in your life? You may be thinking that your current experiences are not what you expected or wanted. For example, you may talk yourself out of dating because you are too busy, or if only your stress or pain disappeared, then you can do those things you would love to do. Are you tired of listening to these thoughts and want to make important changes in your life?

Morris Therapy and Consulting offers a variety of in-person and virtual services to help you break the vicious cycle of anxious thoughts and feelings, shame, and guilt. You can learn strategies to cope with stress and calm your mind so you can be fully present in your life and relationships. Here are the main services provided by Morris Therapy and Consulting.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment can help you learn new skills for coping with stress so you can focus on being present in your life. You can learn how to stop replaying worst case scenarios in your mind or ruminating about how you sounded “stupid” in your last conversation. Quiet the inner voice that tells you that you are not good enough or cannot make the important changes you want to make in your life.

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Trauma Treatment

Traumatic events can be so difficult to make sense of and can often impact how we think about ourselves, others and the world. Take back your life from painful traumatic events with trauma-focused therapy. Dr. Jill Morris is a compassionate trauma trained psychologist who can help individuals cope with the many emotions involved with these painful experiences.

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Trauma Informed Care Trainings/Consulting

Morris Therapy and Consulting offers trauma informed care training and presentations for organizations. These training sessions can help business owners and their employees learn how to cope with workplace stress and burnout. Whether it is a one-hour webinar or a full day workshop, you can receive scientifically-backed strategies to boost the morale and culture in your workplace.

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Anxiety and trauma can create havoc in your physical, mental, and emotional life. Morris Therapy and Consulting services can help you reclaim your mind and body so you can fully enjoy your life. Request a consultation appointment today.

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